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New study published in Translational Medicine highlights cell avidity’s power as a functional biomarker for improved CAR-T design in preventing tumor escape

Using cell avidity measurements and traditional immuno-assays, the researchers successfully demonstrated that co-expression of costimulatory receptors along with an FDA approved BCMA and CD19 CAR can improve both durability of potential treatments as well as persistence for common blood cancers.
Kassandra Barbetsea
23 January 2022

New application note shows how to rapidly assess CAR T-cell strategies for multiple myeloma

We are excited to announce that our latest application note, Rapid assessment of CAR T-cell strategies for multiple myeloma with the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, is available to download. In this application note, we highlight cell avidity and in vivo experiments performed in collaboration with the teams of Dr. Eric Smith (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and…
Kassandra Barbetsea
16 February 2021

Screening of cancer targeting TCRs with the z-Movi®

With the quick development of new single-cell analysis technologies it is now possible to identify cancer-targeting T-Cell Receptors (TCRs) in a single experiment. A recent review published in Methods in Enzymology, presented the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer among the future platforms for the screening of cancer-targeting TCRs. “This technology is…
Kassandra Barbetsea
10 April 2020

The Scientist Magazine features z-Movi®;

We couldn't have put the essence of our z-Movi®; in better words than the author of this article in The Scientist: "Just as music pulls some folks to the dance floor while others remain stuck to their chairs, sound can now be used to pull some cells loose from their substrate while other cells…
Doenja Jansen
25 January 2019
z-Movi has been featured in ScienceNews

z-Movi® featured in Science

Our latest product, the z-Movi®;, has been featured in the latest issue of the journal Science! The z-Movi uses acoustic force manipulation to query the interaction strengths of cells with their cognate binding partners. It is based on a lab-on-a-chip assay that allows the assessment of thousands of cell-cell and cell-ligand interactions…
Kassandra Barbetsea
5 December 2018
High-Throughput Label-free Cell Interaction StudiesUncategorised

High-Throughput Label-free Cell Interaction Studies

At the ASCB | EMBO 2017 meeting, we introduced z-Movi®, a new platform for cell interaction studies. This new method enables direct and label-free screening and sorting of thousands of cells based on their interaction with cell or protein targets. z-Movi® is a breakthrough technology for research and development of personalized therapies, including immunotherapy. It is…
Jerom Langeveld
5 December 2017

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