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dynamic single-molecule

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Our dynamic single-molecule solutions

C-Trap and m-Trap

The world’s first instruments that allow the measurement of forces and interactions at the single-molecule level and in real time.


Unparalleled Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy

The C-Trap is the world’s first instrument that allows simultaneous manipulation and visualization of single-molecule interactions in real-time.

It combines high-resolution optical tweezers, fluorescence, and label-free microscopy, and an advanced microfluidics system in a truly integrated and correlated solution.

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Optical Tweezers

The m-Trap is the first entry-level optical tweezers instrument specifically developed for high-resolution single-molecule research.

Ultra-high force resolution and stability, with incredible throughput, ease of use, and modularity – all at an unprecedented price level.

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The applications:

DNA–binding proteins

Study molecular mechanisms involved in DNA organization, repair, replication, editing, and transcription.

Protein folding

Study how proteins fold correctly and undergo conformational changes to accomplish their biological function.

Cytoskeletal structure and transport

Study the activity and mechanical properties of cytoskeleton filaments and their motors.

Phase separation

Measure protein droplet assembly, fusion, and properties in real-time.

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