Cell avidity analysis

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Get a better understanding of cell avidity, why is it important and relevant, and the working principle of our technology to measure this novel parameter that predicts cell therapy success.

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Biological relevance

Immune synapse cell avidity and cell killing

What is an immunological synapse?

Learn how the formation of an immune synaptic interface between T cells and tumor cells leads to activities required for T cell activation and cytokine release.

Cell avidity: a new biomarker for IO research

What is avidity and why is it important?

Understanding the term “cell avidity” and how it fills the current scientific research gap.


Acoustic force spectroscopy for cell analysis

How does the z-Movi technology work?

Introducing the acoustic technology within the heart of our z-Movi.

Workflow & biological data interpretation

The z-Movi workflow

How to perform cell avidity analsis experiments in a mater of hours.



The series of webinars, delivered by our application scientists or by invited speakers, cover topics across the field of immunotherapy, such as CAR-T and TCR T-cell therapy.

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