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Cambridge, UK — Cambridge University
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Join us at various locations for a hands-on workshop on different single-molecule applications of our C-Trap™ Optical Tweezers Fluorescence Microscopy and AFS™ Acoustic Force Spectroscopy technologies. 

Upcoming workshops in spring 2019:

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Join us at Booth #701 for live demos of
m-Trap™ with label-free imaging and AFS™


attend our Tech Talk where we'll introduce the

Surface Assay Toolkit


at BPS19

A complete guide on how to resolve the structure-function relationship of RNA molecules and their interactions with the molecular machinery, using high-resolution optical tweezers.

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RNA Dynamics

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Join us at various locations this year for a hands-on workshop on different state-of-the-art single molecule applications of our C-Trap™ optical tweezers-fluorescent microscope & AFS™ Acoustic Force Spectroscopy system. 

Single-molecule workshops

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Join us at Booth #701 for live demos and attend our Tech Talk where we're introducing the

Surface Assay Toolkit


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RNA Dynamics 

Discover LUMICKS

LUMICKS is the leading supplier of Dynamic Single-Molecule and Cell Avidity analysis instruments. Our instruments enable – for the first time – the analysis of complex dynamic details related to the behavior and interaction of single molecules and cells. 

Built upon innovative and Nobel Prize-winning technologies, such as optical tweezers (Nobel Prize for Physics 2018), and STED super-resolution (Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2014), our tools enable the understanding of life to the smallest detail.

Our goal is to improve human health by unlocking the power of Dynamic Single–Molecule and Cell Avidity analysis to provide unparalleled insight into the fundamental cause of disease and potential for drug optimization. These technologies are rapidly evolving as a mainstream approach in academic and pharma research for the study of DNA-protein interactions, molecular motor activity, protein folding, and cell-cell interactions.

Want to see your favorite biomolecules or cells in action? Contact us for a demo!


DNA/RNA-Protein Interactions

Protein Folding and Conformational Changes

Cellular Structure and Transport

Drug Research




Correlative Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence Microscopy

The C-Trap™ is the world’s first instrument that combines optical tweezers, confocal microscopy or STED nanoscopy (C-Trap™ SR) and an advanced microfluidics system in a truly integrated and correlated way.


Optical Tweezers

The m-Trap™ optical tweezers was developed to lower the price barrier of advanced single-molecule force spectroscopy instrumentation without compromising on performance.


Parallel Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy

Acoustic Force Spectroscopy, or AFS™, is LUMICKS’ highly parallel single-molecule manipulation method capable of applying forces on thousands of biomolecules in parallel..


Cell Interaction Studies

The z-Movi™ enables the direct and label-free screening and sorting of thousands of cells in parallel based on their interaction to cell or protein targets, with single-cell resolution.


Laminar Flow Microfluidics

The u-Flux™ microfluidics system is an integrated solution to reliably perform single-molecule experiments in a laminar flow environment. The system consists of a laminar flow cell, a highly stable passive pressure system and multiple fluidic valves.

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