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unlocking measurement of forces and interactions in biology

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LUMICKS is the leading supplier of dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis instruments. Our instruments allow researchers – for the first time – to build the crucial and as yet unfinished bridge between structure and function at both a molecular and a cellular level. This is achieved by applying and measuring forces around biological interactions, enabling the detailed real-time analysis of underlying biological mechanisms.

Our goal is to advance science and improve human health by providing tools that unlock the measurement of forces and interactions in biology to provide unparalleled insight into the fundamental cause of disease and the potential for drug optimization. These technologies are rapidly evolving as a mainstream approach in academic and pharma research for the study of DNA-binding proteins, molecular motor activity, protein folding, and the interactions between immune and cancer cells.

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Reveal biomolecular processes
with dynamic single-molecule analysis

Obtain direct proof of the mechanisms of biomolecular processes by making real-time videos of your molecules in action with our dynamic single-molecule microscopes.

Study molecular mechanisms involved in DNA organization, repair, replication, editing, and transcription.

Study how proteins fold correctly and undergo conformational changes to accomplish their biological function.

Study the activity and mechanical properties of cytoskeleton filaments and their motors.

Measure protein droplet assembly, fusion, and properties in real-time.

Accelerate immunotherapy
with cell avidity analysis

Measure the binding strength between cells and their targets with the z-Movi®Cell Avidity Analyzer to accelerate the development of immunotherapeutic strategies.

CAR T cells

Select optimally-functioning CAR T cells based on their avidity and fine-tune the desired avidities to avoid on-target/off-tumor binding.

TCR T cells

Improve the functional correlation of TCR T cells by replacing affinity measurements with avidity. Reveal TCR modified T cells with optimal avidity that improve T cell responses.

Cell engagers

Test the binding avidity associated with different BsAb and compare the avidity of T cells engaged by these BsAb to find the most desirable response.

CAR-NK / NK cells
Compare the avidity of NK or CAR-NK cells from different donors and correlate the respective outcomes to effector cell functionalities, such as cell killing.

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Our ultimate dream is to advance science and improve human health. To achieve this together, we are looking for smart and open people with a passion for cutting-edge technology, who are curious to discover new areas and are creative in finding solutions for existing and future challenges.

“We are a flat company that [...] allows you to be thinking creatively and to be your own person at work. This makes me feel that I belong here.”

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“We are working with things that have never been done before, [but] when you own something, you have the drive to really push to seek completion.”

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“We have people from different parts of the world [...] and you get to know so many things, just by working here. People are extremely friendly, approachable and helpful.”

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