Protein Droplets and Phase Separation

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Today’s scientific trends are racing towards smaller scales and experimentation that provides both structural and mechanistic insights. To decipher biomolecular mechanisms you need methods capable of detecting the interactions between proteins and nucleic acids as they happen and at the molecular level.

We offer solutions that enable you to measure protein droplet assembly,
fusion, and properties in real-time.

Implement optical tweezers to evaluate the highly dynamic and transient protein droplets and to understand how and when these structures dissolve and form. You can apply the instrument to trap micron-sized particles, such as protein droplets or beads, with highly focused laser beams. Control the position of the trapped structure by regulating the direction and force of the beam.

Correlating the optical tweezers with fluorescence microscopy enables you to follow the trapped structures as you manipulate and measure droplet fusion or viscosity. Use the optical tweezers – fluorescence microscopy to study protein droplet properties in different conditions:

  • Apply external forces to control the fusion between two protein droplets. Simultaneously follow and time the process through the multi-color fluorescence microscopy.
  • Measure droplet stiffness and viscous drag in different conditions by bringing two polystyrene beads into adhesive contact with the droplet and deforming the droplet through controlled bead movements.
  • Control and navigate your desired reagents and their concentrations through the barrierless, multichannel microfluidics system.

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Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscopy
Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscopy


The combination of optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy allows for simultaneous manipulation and visualization of molecular interactions in real-time.



Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscopy


Optical Tweezers

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