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Webinars Marcela Maus

Cell Avidity Measurements to Understand and Enhance CAR-T/Tumor Interactions in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Dr. Marcela Maus

Dr. Marcela Maus used avidity measurements to understand and enhance productive CAR-T cell interactions.

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Cell avidity as a crucial biomarker for CAR T response

Dr. Rebecca Larson PhD Graduate from Harvard University

Dr. Rebecca Larson’s work revealed important evasion mechanism from CAR T cell response in solid tumors.

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Webinars Maria Themeli

Enhanced avidity through combining a BCMA CAR and a CD38 chimeric costimulatory receptor leads to T-cell sensitivity to low antigen density and promotes persistence

Dr. Maria Themeli Group Leader of Hematology Department at Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam

Dr. Maria Themeli showed how to overcome low antigen density and improve CAR-T cell persistence with multi-targeting and co-stimulation.

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Webinars Mark Lowdell

Exploring the network of cellular interactions of Natural Killer cells in the tumor microenvironment with cell avidity

Prof. Mark Lowdell Professor of Cell & Tissue Therapy at University College London and Chief Scientific Officer of INmune Bio, Inc

Prof. Mark Lowdell discussed how primed NK cells become effective in resistant tumor cell killing through stronger binding.

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Webinars Carlos Fernandez de Larrea

Dual-targeted cell therapy targeting BCMA and GPRCD5 to prevent relapse in multiple myeloma

Prof. Carlos Fernandez de Larrea Associate Professor of Medicine University of Barcelona

Prof. de Larrea demonstrated reduced relapse through dual-targeting CAR T approaches.

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Webinars Will Singleterry

Unveiling a one-to-one relationship of TCR-dependent T cell function and cellular avidity at single-cell level using acoustic force

Dr. Will Singleterry Director of Business Development at LUMICKS

The cell avidity experiments provided for the team of Dr. Nathalie Rufer shows a better in vivo correlation.

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Webinars Rogier Reijmers

TCR- and BsAb-induced interaction drives avidity-based cellular immunotherapy efficacy

Rogier Reijmers, PhD Principal Scientist at LUMICKS

Cell avidity measures the effectiveness of the events during immunological synapse formation.

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Webinars Rogier Reijmers

How cell avidity between tumor-effector cell pairs drives the efficacy of cellular immunotherapy

Rogier Reijmers, PhD Principal Scientist at LUMICKS

Measuring cell avidity provides a more complete and physiologically relevant picture of the cell-cell interaction.

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