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Measure interaction strength between target cell and TCR T-cell in HPV-related cancers with the z-Movi®

In a recent review article in Immunology, Fakhr et al. presented the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer as a solution to characterize T-cell populations by measuring the binding strength between immune and cancer cells using non-invasive acoustic force. Binding events between a T-cell and its target cell determine the initiation of immunological synapse formation and T-cell activation. Cell– cell interactions are, therefore, crucial to consider when trying to comprehend T-cell response processes.

The article reviews various immunotherapies for cancers caused by human papillomaviruses (HPV), with a focus on engineered TCR T-cells. Typically, the final step in an optimal workflow for the identification of tumor-specific TCR sequences and the construction of engineered TCR T-cells, requires the characterization of the engineered TCR T-cells for avidity and functionality.

“Engineered T-cells that meet the functional and structural avidity criteria and show efficient tumor eradication in vivo can then be considered as good candidates for clinical trials”

This article suggests that the z-Movi can identify and validate effective T-cells against HPV-related cancers. Researchers can use the z-Movi to increase the validity of their immunotherapy development research, and expedite their search in potent T-cell candidates.

Thanks to all the authors for acknowledging our instrument! Learn more about various immunotherapies against HPV-associated cancers in the full article titled “Recent developments in immunotherapy of cancers caused by human papillomaviruses” in Immunology : The journal of cells, molecules, systems and technologies.

Do you want to learn how the z-Movi works? Watch our on-demand webinars or download the brochure to see how this novel technology can be applied to your research!

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