New application note shows how to rapidly assess CAR T-cell strategies for multiple myeloma

We are excited to announce that our latest application note, Rapid assessment of CAR T-cell strategies for multiple myeloma with the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, is available to download. In this application note, we highlight cell avidity and in vivo experiments performed in collaboration with the teams of Dr. Eric Smith (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and Prof.
Carlos de Larrea (Hospital Clínic Barcelona) and show how you can use the z-Movi to:

  • Rapidly identify new, effective CAR T-cell therapy candidates for multiple myeloma through cell-avidity measurements.
  • Predict in vivo outcomes by comparing cell-avidity outcomes between CAR T-cell populations.
  •  Retrieve high-throughput data from different CAR T-cell populations within 24 hours.

Download a copy of the application note here to discover how you can assess the avidity of your cells to explore and validate CAR T-cell functionality and obtain predictive, reproducible, and rapid results at the single-cell level without compromising cell viability.

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about the z-Movi® or our other instruments for single-molecule or single-cell research.

Santiago Gisler

Santiago Gisler

16 February 2021

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