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Dynamic single-molecule analysis for new breakthroughs in biology

Revealing crucial insights never before available

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What is dynamic single-molecule analysis?

A new approach that enables the full understanding of molecular mechanisms

All biological processes ultimately take place at the molecular level, all diseases arise at this level, and practically all drugs act at this level. Thus, there is an immense need to understand how these molecular interactions take place and dictate processes such as DNA repair, transcription, replication, and gene editing.

The challenge is that current life science tools used to investigate processes at the molecular level such as structural biology, bulk functional assays, cell imaging, and localization assays, give either detailed structural or dynamic functional information – but never both. The crucial and often complex mechanistic details of the underlying dynamic process of protein interactions are not revealed.

Unprecedented insights into the complex mechanistic details of interactions​

Allowing simultaneous manipulation and visualization of single-molecule interactions in real-time

What if you could use an instrument that measures molecular properties and interactions while simultaneously recording and showing you the processes in real-time? A tool that can reveal the crucial and dynamic interactions taking place at the molecular level and gives you direct proof of the mechanisms involved. A tool that can provide an understanding of the root of disease development at the molecular level and accelerate therapeutic breakthroughs.

The unique ability to combine live visualization, manipulation, and force measurement at the smallest molecular scale, leads to single-molecule imaging and base-pair resolution measurements of the interactions between biomolecules. Taken together, this provides – for the first time – the crucial dynamic and functional mechanistic information that is complementary to molecular structure, bulk functional assays, and cell imaging.

Explore the research applications

DNA–binding proteins

Study molecular mechanisms involved in DNA organization, repair, replication, editing, and transcription.

Protein folding

Study how proteins fold correctly and undergo conformational changes to accomplish their biological function.

Cytoskeletal structure and transport

Study the activity and mechanical properties of cytoskeleton filaments and their motors.

Phase separation & Mechanobiology

Measure protein droplet assembly, fusion, and droplet or cellular properties in real-time.

LUMICKS empowers researchers

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Unlocking experiments in a whole new dimension

Our solutions


Unparalleled Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy

The C-Trap is the world’s first instrument to allow simultaneous manipulation and visualization of single-molecule interactions in real-time.

It combines high-resolution optical tweezers, fluorescence and label-free microscopy with advanced microfluidics system in a truly integrated platform.


Discover the C-Trap


Optical Tweezers  

The m-Trap is the first entry-level optical tweezers instrument specifically developed for high-resolution single-molecule research.

It combines ultra-high force resolution and stability, with incredible throughput, ease of use, and modularity – all at an unprecedented price level.


Discover the m-Trap
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