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Cell Avidity Services

Accelerating preclinical cell therapy development: unleashing the power of high throughput Cell Avidity Services


Welcome to our cutting-edge Cell Avidity service, a pivotal tool in expediting the preclinical development of your cell therapy candidates. In the dynamic landscape of cellular immunotherapy, our service empowers you to swiftly and accurately assess the avidity of your CAR-T, CAR-NK, or cell engager constructs at a high throughput.

By leveraging our services, you unlock the ability to fully characterize binding at the cellular level to determine potency, safety, sensitivity and kinetics of your candidates. This enables enhanced decision making in selecting the most efficacious candidates, ultimately accelerating your journey towards Investigational New Drug (IND) applications.

High throughput screening workflow with Avidigo


Stay ahead in the race to bring innovative therapies to market by choosing a partner dedicated to advancing your research and expediting the path to clinical success


Speak with one of our scientists to gain a deeper understanding into how avidity can help you navigate through the intricate web of cellular dynamics with unparalleled speed and precision

Assay validation

Find out what is the optimal experimental setup that will result in the most significant separation between your negative control and positive lead candidate

Contract research

Leveraging the optimal experimental parameters established during the assay validation phase, we assess the avidity of tens to hundreds of CAR-T or Cell Engager candidates.

Comprehensive data analysis is conducted on all gathered information, culminating in the production of a detailed study report overseen by the study director.

What our customers say

Rapidly rank CAR T cells containing distinct targeting moieties in terms of their avidity for target cells.”

Dr. John Maher

Chief Scientific Officer

“Interestingly, of the pre-clinical assays used to compare CAR constructs, only binding avidity correlated with in vivo results.”

Prof. Marcela Maus

Director of Cellular Immunotherapy

“We expect to gain a greater insight into the mechanism and into the selection of the most potent CAR for clinical applications.”

Prof. Hinrich Abken

Head of Research – Genetic Immunotherapy

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