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LUMICKS is where you’ll work with colleagues from many different backgrounds, but all with one thing in common: your passion. Where a modern business culture with plenty of room for creative thinking and experimentation encourages you to be the best version of yourself.
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Our mission

Creating new avenues for life science

LUMICKS is a quickly growing academic spin-off from a research group at VU University Amsterdam. Founded in 2014, we are now an international team exceeding 200 people with more than 30 nationalities. Our goal is to empower researchers with tools that reveal crucial insights never available before.

We achieve this by enabling more efficient research, drug development, and patient treatment as we provide novel tools that unlock new types of experiments using cell avidity analysis and dynamic single-molecule analysis, or DSM, technologies.

Our main dynamic single-molecule product is the C-Trap®, an instrument that “catches” single molecules and exposes them to precise mechanical forces.

Our customers can, simultaneously, visualize the molecule and the manipulation process with correlated, highly sensitive fluorescence microscopy. They use it to study for example DNA replication or molecular “engines” processing the scaffolding structures of a human cell.

Our cell avidity product, the z-Movi®, is a novel instrument that can directly measure the overall binding strengths between cells, known as cell avidity. This new technology, which uses acoustic waves to separate and measure the binding strength between immune and cancer cells, offers a new parameter that highlights key immunotherapeutic properties. By providing these crucial insights, the z-Movi contributes to the search for the best immunotherapies for beating cancer.

For cell avidity, how does our day-to-day work create impact?

“Our customers are at the forefront of research when it comes to making new therapies a reality in many devastating disease areas, such as blood cancer, brain tumor and many other cancers which are hard to treat. What I find extremely exciting is to […] empower those scientists with our tools to understand the complexity of those diseases and provide better information and better choices for new therapies.”

Andrea, CSO & Cofounder

Flourishing in tough times

How Anahita (Account Manager) operates sales effectively during a global pandemic:

“Even though I started remotely, due to the pandemic, I fit right in the team. I can say there is a place for people with different backgrounds in our team. People are here to help and support each other.”

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What is the responsibility of an Account Manager at LUMICKS? Can you explain more about your roles?

The sales account manager position at LUMICKS is a very dynamic position. We are like a bridge between our clients and the company. We need to find researchers who can benefit from our instruments, meet with them and more importantly build a relationship with them. We work with clients through their purchasing process and make sure the instrument is up and running, our clients are satisfied with their purchase. We need to take care of all logistics and bring people from different departments in the company together to guarantee our clients’ success. We sometimes help our customers with their grant and proposal writing. This position has been a great opportunity for me to develop sales experience, improve my biology knowledge and learn about many different amazing research projects in different institutes.

What is it that you are most proud of? What has been your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement is that with the right training I received when I joined the company, I was able to succeed in my role as an account manager and actually close a big deal in only 5 months after I joined the team.

I am really proud to be a part of this hard-working team which is growing every day. Considering the pandemic, another big achievement for me has been building a great relationship with my coworkers and our current customers. Bringing new customers to LUMCIKS in a very short amount of time after I joined is my other great achievement.

What makes Lumicks a great place to work?

The first thing that caught my eyes when I was looking at the company’s website before I applied for this position, was that LUMICKS has an open, fun, and friendly culture, and it did not disappoint! Even though I started remotely, due to the pandemic, I fit right in the team. I can say there is a place for people with different backgrounds in our team. People are here to help and support each other.

Growing together with the company

How Rosalie (Product Manager) switched from science to business:

“As a Product Manager I can now combine my acquired technical skills with my knowledge and experience as a scientist.“

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Why did you join LUMICKS?

After finishing my PhD in biophysics in 2014, I decided to continue my career in the industry, as I wanted to bring my experience to a dynamic company with a higher pace. I joined LUMICKS in the early days of 2015 where together with one of the co-founders we made up the newfound Application Scientist team.

How did you experience your first years?

As an Application Scientist at LUMICKS, I was responsible for reaching out to scientists and PI’s worldwide. Instead of working with one team on your own research topics I suddenly was working with many different people at top tier universities to think along and help with their research. Being exposed to some many different scientists is something I had never experienced before and gave me a much better understanding of all the fascinating work that is being done in the biology and biophysics field.

LUMICKS grew a lot during your time, how did it impact you?

After being an application scientist for 4 years and the company grew a lot, I am now responsible for bridging the market needs with our research and development team as a Product Manager, a role that suits me well as I can combine my acquired technical skills with my knowledge and experience as a scientist. Just like in academia it’s a hardworking and challenging environment. However, when we see each other in the office, or anywhere in the world, you can immediately sense the pride of being part of LUMICKS. And we can surely have a lot of fun together!

For DSM, how does our day-to-day work create impact?

“Something that was key when I decided to work for LUMICKS is that our work brings meaning and brings something good to humanity. I think that is really key for me and I have seen it in the team as well.”

Tiago, Software Engineer

Areas of opportunity

Thriving together with your team while personally growing significantly

Explore below in which department your expertise and unique set of skills fit best.

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Gain real-world experience

Are you still in university, but ready to kick-start your career? Whether you are looking for an internship or a full-time or part-time role, there is always room for motivated people.

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Our locations

Join us where you are, or where you want to be

 Our headquarters is located in Amsterdam and we have offices in Boston and Beijing. We also offer the freedom of working remotely. No matter where you prefer, you’ll find the same dedication.

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Join the future. Join LUMICKS.

At LUMICKS, our goal is to advance science and improve human health by providing tools that unlock the measurement of forces and interactions in biology. In this pursuit, we are looking for smart and open people with a passion for cutting-edge technology, who are curious to discover new areas and creative in finding solutions for existing and future challenges.

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Accessibility and ownership

Our technology is at its most powerful when all our employees can make their mark, in the way they see fit.

Inclusion and Diversity

We are committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse work environment for everyone. It is part of our culture and business to respect differences and oppose discrimination against age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, social background, ethnicity, origin, or religion.

Maximizing opportunity and experience

We are dedicated to supplying our employees with the appropriate training and resources to be the best in their roles. Education is a great equalizer and a powerful source of opportunity for all our employees.

Supplier and employer responsibility

We are committed to building a safe, respectful, and supportive workplace for all our employees, customers, and clients. This also branches into the instruments we build.


We are committed to preserving the environment for future generations by minimizing our environmental footprint. We design our products for low energy consumption and our employees fly CO2 neutral.

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