Dynamic single-molecule analysis

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Get a better understanding of dynamic single-molecule analysis, why is it important and relevant, and the working principle of our technology to measure and visualize biomolecular processes as they happen.

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Biological relevance

Drug research

Understand the underlying mechanisms of targets and the mode of action (MoA) of leads to accelerate drug research.


correlated Optical Tweezers - Fluorescence Microscopy

Correlated optical tweezers with fluorescence microscopy

The combination of optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy allows for simultaneous manipulation and visualization of molecular interactions in real-time.

What are optical tweezers?

Arthur Ashkin won the Nobel Prize in Physics “for the optical tweezers and their application to biological systems”. In essence, he discovered that light’s momentum could serve as an incredibly sensitive set of tweezers to catch and study biomolecules.

Correlated microscopy methods

IRM (label-free)

IRM allows you to visualize microtubules without the need for fluorescence labeling.


Suitable for visualization on surfaces as it eliminates background fluorescence outside the focal plane.

STED Super Resolution

STED nanoscopy allows you to distinguish between individual DNA-binding proteins in close proximity.


The confocal microscope emits light by a laser through a pinhole that allows a specific light wavelength to pass


Widefield fluorescence microscopy illuminates the sample from below and uses light of frequencies that can excite fluorescent molecules associated to your sample. 



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