LUMICKS Boston Office Opening

Last Friday we officially opened our own office in Boston! After some serious ribbon cutting, the US team celebrated this milestone with delicious food and champagne. We would like to warmly welcome you to stop by whenever you are in … Read More

LUMICKS Featured in Cambridge Independent

This week’s issue of Cambridge Independent featured an article about our partnership with AstraZeneca and the University of Cambridge! We are proud to see the field of dynamic single-molecule analysis reaching a new milestone once again. This brings us closer … Continue Reading

Young Startup Award LUMICKS

LUMICKS Wins Young Startup Award

LUMICKS won this year’s national Dutch Young Startup Award! The Young Startup Award is awarded to innovative companies in the Netherlands that are seen to have strong technological developments with an international impact. It is great to get the conformation that LUMICKS … Continue Reading


LUMICKS Featured in De Ingenieur

LUMICKS has been featured in the Dutch magazine De Ingenieur with an article named “Bewegend DNA-beeld”, or a moving DNA-image. De Ingenieur is a monthly Dutch magazine that specializes in technological developments and the policies surrounding them. This month’s edition … Continue Reading

LUMICKS Featured in Financeel Dagblad

In the Saturday (October 3rd) edition of the FD (Dutch financial times) LUMICKS was featured in a large centerfold article. The article describes the journey from scientific discoveries and developments in the VU University research group of Prof. Wuite and … Continue Reading

LUMICKS Featured in STW Magazine

LUMICKS was featured in the March #4 edition of the STW UPDATE magazine. View the article here.

LUMICKS Featured in Chemie Magazine

LUMICKS was featured in the February edition of the Dutch Chemie Magazine. View the article here.

LUMICKS Incorporated

LUMICKS B.V. was incorporated with the objective of bringing to market the revolutionary C-Trap Correlative Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscope (CTFM), as developed in the research groups led by Prof. Gijs Wuite and Prof. Erwin Peterman at the VU University Amsterdam. This instrument … Continue Reading