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Our goal is to advance science and improve human health,

by providing tools that unlock the measurement of forces and interactions in biology

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What we stand for

Empowering researchers

LUMICKS is a next-generation life science tools company focused on enabling more efficient research, drug development, bioprocessing, bioproduction quality control, and patient treatment. For the first time ever, our unapparelled solutions can assist research by directly linking structural and ‘omics analysis to functional outcomes at both a molecular and a cellular level. This is achieved by applying and measuring forces around biological interactions, enabling the detailed real-time analysis of underlying biological mechanisms.

We have leveraged our deep biophysics expertise to develop differentiated technologies that are designed to drive new and faster innovations. Our products utilize our proprietary dynamic single-molecule (DSM) analysis and cell-binding avidity (CA) analysis technologies.

Empowering researchers by providing tools that unlock the measurement of forces and interactions in biology
Deep biophysics expertise to develop differentiated technologies
Real-time analysis of underlying biological mechanisms at the molecular and cellular level
Providing the missing link between structural and ‘omics analysis to functional outcome

Dynamic single-molecule analysis

Combining Nobel-prize winning technologies

Our DSM solutions combine Nobel-prize-winning technologies –optical tweezers (Nobel Prize for Physics 2018) and STED super-resolution (Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2014)– to enable simultaneous manipulation, measurement, and visualization of single-molecule interactions. Researchers use our DSM instruments to unravel the molecular mechanisms governing DNA processes, protein folding, and cellular structure and transport. New insights and advances in these fields have the potential to accelerate research and drug development in numerous areas of high unmet clinical need, such as neurodegeneration, oncology, and rare genetic diseases.

(Video) The dynamic process of DNA replication at the single-molecule scale. Credits: Originally created by DNA Learning Center for

Cell avidity analysis

Providing the next biomarker for cancer immunotherapy

Our cell avidity solutions use acoustics to measure forces and interactions between cells. We designed our instruments to provide rapid, in vitro confirmation of the mode of action and effectiveness of an immunotherapy product, thereby enabling the prediction of efficacy and side-effects in the lab before the product enters in vivo models. We believe our cell avidity solutions can shorten the drug development cycle for adoptive cell therapies and other immunotherapies and reduce failure rates in clinical trials.

Our history

From the first steps in 2013 till now

The LUMICKS team

We are a company of visionaries

We are an international team exceeding 200 people with more than 30 nationalities. We are proud of our great sense of ownership with the mentality of being open-minded in teamwork. We embrace challenges and maximize opportunity and experience.  

LUMICKS is managed by an experienced team with diverse backgrounds. They combine business experience with technical expertise and a strong drive for growth and impact through customer success.

If you’re interested to meet the entire team and our advisors, click the button below. 

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