LUMICKS Featured in De Ingenieur


LUMICKS has been featured in the Dutch magazine De Ingenieur with an article named “Bewegend DNA-beeld”, or a moving DNA-image. De Ingenieur is a monthly Dutch magazine that specializes in technological developments and the policies surrounding them.

This month’s edition is focused on medical biology, with a four-page article by Marc Seijhouwer on LUMICKS’ C-trap™ and its applications. It entails information about the potential of the C-Trap™ in the medical world, focusing on protein malfunction which is seen in diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. Using the C-Trap™, it states that these malfunctions can now be viewed dynamically, something which previously could only be seen statically. This is potentially groundbreaking as it could not only analyze the working of proteins on a molecular level, but also the effectiveness of medicine.

Visualize your research moving forward with LUMICKS. Visit the product page for the C-Trap™ optical tweezers-fluorescence microscope or contact us for more info.

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