New C-Trap™ acquired by the University of Göttingen

multiple trap optical tweezers - fluorescence microscopy

A new C-Trap™ system has recently been acquired by the Georg August University in Göttingen, Germany. The C-Trap™ was successfully installed in the lab of the “Nanoscale Imaging of Cellular Dynamics” research group, led by Prof. Dr. Sarah Köster, at the Institute for X-Ray Physics.

The optical tweezers-fluorescence microscopy system will be used to study the mechanics and network formation of intermediate filament assemblies in vitro. The first results of the research group using the  LUMICKS’ C-Trap™ have already been collected and published in Physical Review Letters. We want to wish Professor Köster and her group all the best with their research!

Interested in using the C-Trap™ in your experiments? Contact us for a demo or a quote.

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