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New application note shows how to study Cas9 target specificity at the single-molecule level using the C-Trap®

We are happy to announce that our application note Analyze Cas9 Binding and Cleavage Properties in Real Time while Manipulating DNA Structures is available to download on our website.

In this application note, you can learn how the group of Prof. Dr. David Rueda used the C-Trap™ optical tweezers – fluorescence microscopy to study Cas9 properties at the single-molecule level. We show you how they obtained high-resolution data in real time to uncover Cas9 features upon structural changes of a target DNA molecule. The assessed features include:

  • Genomic binding specificity.
  • Off-target dwell times.
  • Sequence-dependent binding properties.
  • DNA structure dependent binding properties.
  • Cleavage kinetics.

The presented data are courtesy of Prof. Dr. David Rueda and his group at the Imperial College in London and were featured in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2019) by Newton et al.

We thank all the involved researchers for a fantastic job and collaboration and wish them continued success in their future research.

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about the C-Trap or our other instruments for single-molecule or single-cell research.

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