C-Trap™ installed at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

C-Trap Albert Einstein College of Medicine

We are happy to announce the installation of the C-Trap™ at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in the lab of Prof. Dr. Arne Gennerich. The instrument combines optical tweezers with 3-color total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF; a technology that reduces fluorescence background noise in surface-based assays) and label-free interference reflection microscopy (IRM).

The lab of Prof. Gennerich combines structure–function studies with optical tweezers to examine molecular functions and dysfunctions of microtubule-associated motor proteins. The C-Trap will enable them to image unlabeled microtubules and visualize the regulation of motor proteins by their accessory proteins at the single-molecule level in real time.

We wish Prof. Gennerich and his team good luck with their ongoing research and are eager to see the upcoming results!

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