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Second C-Trap™ installed in Dresden, Germany

C-Trap installation at B CUBE TU Dresden

The city of Dresden, Germany, is now the home of two C-Trap® systems! The latest installation took place at the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering at TU Dresden, where the instrument became part of the Joint Technology Platform. Being operated in the “Molecular Imaging and Manipulation” facility, the system will be available to multiple research institutions, including the newly founded Excellence Cluster “Physics of Life”. Among the users will be the biophysics labs of Prof. Michael Schlierf and Prof. Stefan Diez.

“With the exceptional stability and high data rate of the C-Trap we can now perform high-throughput measurements”

Prof. Dr. Michael Schlierf,  TU Dresden

The group of Michael Schlierf will use the C-Trap to provide a mechanistic understanding of the conformational dynamics of biomolecules, such as proteins, DNA and RNA molecules. Using biophysical tools, they study the process of protein (un)folding and the interplay between nucleic acids and proteins. Stefan Diez and his team focus on the study of motor transport in cell biology and nanotechnology. With the C-Trap they will perform experiments on cytoskeletal filaments and motor proteins.

“Thanks to LUMICKS’ quick and supportive service, the instrument was ready to use in an extremely short time”

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diez, TU Dresden

On behalf of the LUMICKS team, we wish both research groups all the best of luck!

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