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First AFS™ installed in Australia

AFS installation at Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Australia

The very first AFS™ Acoustic Force Spectroscopy-system in Australia has been successfully installed in the lab of Prof. Boris Martinac at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

Prof. Martinac and his team conduct research on cellular transduction processes associated with mechanosensitive ion channels. Although it has been shown that dysfunction of these ion channels contributes to the development of various diseases, a clear understanding of their role is currently missing. One of the group’s research projects aims to discover how the function of a recently identified family of mechanosensitive ion channels is altered by different lipids, cytoskeletal proteins, and extracellular matrix. Using the AFS, the researchers can reveal the alternating functions by applying acoustic forces to manipulate thousands of cells in parallel and simultaneously monitoring the calcium flux using fluorescence.

We wish Prof. Martinac and his team success with their research!

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