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A new milestone for
single-molecule research.

Introducing: m-Trap™


Understanding the root causes of diseases at the molecular level is one of the greatest scientific challenges of today. Expanding the knowledge of biological processes that are at the basis of diseases is key for their prevention and the development of future cures. We aim to create the best possible tools for researchers to perform high-quality, high-throughput single-molecule experiments in the most accessible manner.

Optical Tweezers

The m-Trap™ optical tweezers was developed to lower the price barrier of advanced single-molecule force spectroscopy instrumentation without compromising on performance characteristics.

We went back to the essence of force spectroscopy. Every single component, every process, has been considered and measured to be truly useful, and enhances the user’s experience. The m-Trap is capable of manipulating and characterizing structural transitions and interactions of biomolecules at the Angstrom scale with ultra-high force resolution, stability & throughput. Explore the applications to see what this technology can mean for you.


Key Specifications

Force-Distance Curves

Probe biomolecules and obtain insights into their mechanical properties with 0.1 pN force resolution.

Object Manipulation

Manipulate molecules with ease-of-use
and high throughput.

Constant Distance Measurements

Study conformational state fluctuations with unparalleled force stability of less than 0.3 pN drift over minutes.

Starting at €140 000 / US $155 000
Monitoring of spontaneous local conformational transitions occurring within double-stranded DNA during DNA Breathing.

Force trace recorded over 520 seconds corresponding to a single dsDNA molecule (8.4 kbp) held at a constant distance using optically-trapped polystyrene beads (Ø= 0.8 μm). The trap stiffness was set to 500 pN/µm. Data were recorded at 50 kHz (gray) and decimated to 1000 Hz (red)


Histograms of the force values collected for the full trace and for values collected during two different fragments of 50 seconds. The histograms show identical features (number, position of states, state population) indicating that the experiment was performed without altering the state transition kinetics.



The m-Trap™ offers a variety of unique and enabling features for probing different biological systems with a large dynamic range.

Optical Tweezers

Dual (2) trap configuration, one trap fixed
Ultra-sensitive position sensing detector
Unparalleled range of trap stiffness and low force noise
Absolute 3D trap positioning

u-Flux™ Microfluidics

Ultra-stable passive pressure driven microfluidics
Monolithic laminar flow cell with automated valve switching

m-Trap™ Flex

Access to the system’s optical path for custom hardware integration


Intuitive Software & Workflow

Designed from the ground up, our newly released software suite provides intuitive features that bring you closer to your experiment. Manipulate your sample directly with simple mouse and joystick movements, and automate your measurement with our powerful Python scripting engine. The new timeline feature ensures you can focus on the data that matters, and never lose anything of value.


Ultra high resolution optical tweezers reveal unprecedented detailed information on a wide range of molecular mechanisms, such as: DNA repair, DNA organization, chromatin organization, DNA replication, DNA transcription, DNA/RNA conformational and structural dynamics, DNA hairpin dynamics, biomolecular motors, protein folding, protein unfolding, ribosome translation, and intermediate filaments.

Browse our list of detailed m-Trap™ applications below.


Measure Multi-Domain Protein Unfolding


Force Extension & Manipulation of DNA Repair

DNA breathing Application Note

Monitor DNA & RNA Conformational Dynamics


Measure Conformational Changes of DNA Organization


Measure DNA Replication Activity & States with Force


Measure Activity & States of Transcription with Force


Force Extension % Manipulation of Polymers & Protein Filaments

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