New application note shows how to study processes associated with phase separation in real time using the C-Trap®

We are excited to tell you that our application note Manipulate and Study Protein Droplet Dynamics and Properties in Real Time to Understand Phase Separation is now available to download. Here, you can learn how to unravel the properties, formation, and nature of protein droplets, associated with both healthy and pathological conditions.

This application note introduces you to four published experiments that assessed the fundamental processes linked with phase separation. Using the C-Trap® correlated optical tweezers with fluorescence microscopy, the respective research groups could study assembly, fusion, and solidification processes of protein droplets in real time to understand:

  • Which factors regulate liquid protein droplets and their transitions to solid aggregates.
  • The relationships between protein droplets and irreversible solid amyloid fibril structures, linked with certain diseases.
  • How the material properties of protein droplets change during solidification.

The data presented in the application note were featured in the journals Biomolecules (Kaur et al., 2019), Journal of the American Chemical Society (Alshareedah et al., 2019), Physical Review Letters (Jawerth et al., 2018) and Nature Communications (Gui et al., 2019).

We thank all the involved researchers for a fantastic job and collaboration and wish them continued success in their future research.

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about the C-Trap® or our other instruments for single-molecule or single-cell research.

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