m-Trap® installed at ShanghaiTech University


LUMICKS is thrilled to announce the first m-Trap® installation at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, just a month after the launch of our landmark high-resolution optical tweezers system. Assistant Professor Bo Sun acquired the m-Trap within a year after a C-Trap® was installed in his lab.

Dr. Sun believes that conventional ensemble techniques are often not sufficient enough to fully understand complex biological reactions. Instead, biological macromolecules should be studied one at a time. The group focuses on understanding how the processes of DNA replication, repair, and transcription are influenced by biomolecular motors. The m-Trap, installed next to the C-Trap, will enable the group members to perform more force measurements in order to investigate these DNA-protein interactions. Progress in prevention and treatment of many forms of cancer will highly depend on discoveries in this field. We wish the group of Dr. Sun all the best of luck with the m-Trap, C-Trap, and their research!

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