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Advanced C-Trap® systems recently installed at two universities in Europe

We are delighted to announce two new C-Trap® installations in Europe, one at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) and the other at the University of Kent.

At MPI-CBG, this will be the second C-Trap installed. The new system is configured with quadruple optical traps for measuring complex interactions involving multiple DNA molecules and widefield imaging for high acquisition rates. The lab of Dr. Stephan Grill has been a key user of our technology at the institute, and an established history of studying how protein condensates form on or with individual DNA molecules and investigating the material properties of macroscopic protein droplets, such as viscosity and elasticity. This new addition will help them to expand their research in the condensation of phase separating proteins on the surface of DNA molecules and build on their work in DNA-protein interactions.

Dr. Neil Kad’s team at the University of Kent has also adopted a similar configuration, planning to use the C-Trap’s ease of use to ramp up their research output. The new instrument will empower them to apply forces to DNA and actin while watching how proteins interact simultaneously. The team will also investigate applications in DNA repair, protein migration on DNA tightropes, protein unfolding, and subsequent fluorescent ligand binding.

The combination of force and single-molecule fluorescence, in an easy-to-use system, will accelerate experiments that take days to just take minutes. Making complex tools easier to use, will make ours and the scientific community’s science move faster. – Dr. Neil Kad, University of Kent

We wish all researchers using the C-Trap good luck with their ongoing projects and are excited about their upcoming results!

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