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Newly formed Center for Optical Bio-Manipulation at the Niels Bohr Institute now equipped with an advanced C-Trap® system

We’re overjoyed to announce the placement of one of our most sophisticated C-Trap® systems at the newly formed Center for Optical Bio-Manipulation (COBM) at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen!

The center is based around LUMICKS’ C-Trap system, flaunting quadruple optical tweezers, 3 color confocal fluorescence microscopy, and STED superresolution. This advanced system was chosen to maximize the utility for the 5 core user groups that will make use of it including the labs of Prof. Hickson, Prof. Berg-Sorensen, Prof. Nylandsted, Prof. Stamou, and Prof. Poul Martin Bendix, and to serve as an outstanding HUB for the local interdisciplinary environment with respect to optical manipulation of biological systems.

The core groups plan to study a wide variety of single-molecule applications including genome stability and chromosome segregation, and membrane protein dynamics. The teams will also head into uncharted territory using the C-Trap to investigate nanoscience applications such as the interactions of gold nanoparticles with cell membranes, and stress sensing proteins inside cells. Poul Martin Bendix, Associate Professor and the head of this research infrastructure, believes that the new opportunities for collaboration add tremendous value to the various institutions stating:

The new system will bring more collaborators and new research ideas from different life science groups, who are interested in optical and single molecule biomanipulation. Having the C-Trap together with optical expertise in the group will serve the local research environment with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained experts.

We wish all researchers using the C-Trap the best of luck with their upcoming projects and are excited about their upcoming results!

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