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Screening of cancer targeting TCRs with the z-Movi®

With the quick development of new single-cell analysis technologies it is now possible to identify cancer-targeting T-Cell Receptors (TCRs) in a single experiment.

A recent review published in Methods in Enzymology, presented the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer among the future platforms for the screening of cancer-targeting TCRs.

“This technology is a lab-on-a-chip based method that allows the assessment, at the single cell resolution, of thousands of cell-cell and cell-ligand interactions in parallel. By ultrasound, the system allows contactless manipulation of biological objects of different sizes in a high-throughput and controlled manner.”

Thanks to Prof. Michael Platten at Universität Heidelberg and the other contributing authors for acknowledging our instrument! We are glad to see that cell avidity gets the attention it deserves.

For more information, read the full article on Methods in Enzymology, titled “High-throughput discovery of cancer-targeting TCRs”.

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