C-Trap™ installed at Semmelweis University

LUMICKS is proud to announce the installation of a new C-Trap™ optical tweezers-fluorescence microscopy system in the lab of Professor Miklos Kellermayer at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.

A major focus of Prof. Kellermayer’s lab is in uncovering the molecular mechanics of the muscle protein titin. This is a protein that defines the elasticity of muscles and plays an important role in regulating muscle contraction.

The group has been studying the unfolding mechanisms of titin using their homebuilt optical tweezers system and AFM. The addition of the C-Trap™ will enable them to perform experiments to investigate the unfolding of titin and other proteins in real-time with extremely high force resolution and stability. The combination of optical tweezers with fluorescence will further allow them to correlate global mechanical properties of the protein with local structural information. Furthermore, the integrated u-Flux™ laminar flow microfluidics system will be used for rapidly exchanging the buffer and the conditions titin is in to study the effects on its structure in real-time.

Additionally, the C-Trap™ will be part of the Georg von Békésy Biophysics Research Center. The mission of the Center is to facilitate the investigation of fundamental biological questions by using novel instrumentation and they therefore offer various instruments to scientists for use. On March 12, the inauguration of the Center was celebrated. Read more about it here (Google Translate does a good job of translating the news item!). We wish the group and all other users success with their experiments and are excited to see their results!

Interested in using the C-Trap™ in your experiments? Download the brochure or contact us for a demo or a quote.


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