C-Trap® installed at the National Center for Biotechnology in Madrid


We are happy to announce the installation of a C-Trap® Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence and Label-free Microscopy system at the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB), Madrid, managed by the lab of Dr. Fernando Moreno-Herrero. The team will use the C-Trap configured with dual traps and correlated three-color confocal to examine a wide range of biological processes, such as RNA translation, DNA repair and organization, and lipid nanotube formation.

The lab of Dr. Moreno-Herrero has been using single-molecule techniques, such as a home-built magnetic tweezers instrument and acoustic force microscopy (AFM) to study DNA–protein interactions. However, they found the fluorescence capabilities of the C-Trap to be an excellent complement to their extensive repertoire of methods and the best way to combine optical tweezers with confocal microscopy.

“With the C-Trap, our group can expand our capabilities to investigate nucleic acids mechanics and DNA-protein interactions in novel ways,” Dr. Moreno-Herrero explained. “We can now locate fluorescently-labeled proteins on DNA substrates and follow their dynamics in real time.”

Apart from the Moreno-Herrero lab, the research group of Dr. Borja Ibarra at the IMDEA Nanoscience Institute plans to use the installed C-Trap regularly for their research on molecular motors.

We wish Dr. Moreno-Herrero and his team good luck with their ongoing research and are excited about their upcoming results!

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DNA/RNA-Protein Interactions

Study molecular mechanisms involved in DNA organization, repair, replication, transcription, and RNA translation.

Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscopy


The combination of optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy allows for simultaneous manipulation and visualization of molecular interactions in real-time.



Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscopy


Optical Tweezers

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