Introduction of LUMICKS consumables and script-sharing platform to facilitate faster, easier, and more reproducible Dynamic Single-Molecule analysis

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – October 2, 2020 – In a move to broadly unlock Dynamic Single-Molecule (DSM) analysis, LUMICKS simultaneously launched two major initiatives: a new business line for reagents, biochemistry kits, and services, as well as its Harbor platform for sharing of DSM scripts. These new resources dramatically simplify the experimental workflow and make DSM analysis accessible across different fields and expertise levels.

The Reagents, Kits, and Services Store offers an extensive selection of pre-developed and qualified consumables, samples, protocols, and tailored services for custom biochemistry and experimental design. The portfolio includes a variety of products for DNA, RNA, and protein folding assays, eliminating the need for users to invest money, time, and personnel in setting up experimental workflows.

The script-sharing platform Harbor is a free, open-access portal where users can publish, download, review, and cite scripts that automate DSM experiments and analyze extracted data. Elements, such as the build-in citation section and interaction indicators (likes, downloads, comments), are used by both novice and expert users to review scripts, cite them, and highlight golden standard methods. These scripts run directly within the control software of LUMICKS instruments.

This is a major step forward in broadly unlocking Dynamic Single-Molecule analysis to the broader biology community,” said Olivier Heyning, CEO at LUMICKS. “With our reagents and kits, users can get started with meaningful experiments in a matter of days. With the Harbor platform, we took the strategic choice to closely collaborate with our user community to break the barriers by establishing and continuously improving the informatics toolbox for single-molecule experiments and analysis. This makes DSM research accessible to all types of users, regardless of experience level and scientific focus area.”

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LUMICKS is a leading life science tools company that develops equipment for dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis, two rapidly emerging areas in biology research and immuno-oncology.  LUMICKS’ tools allow researchers to build the crucial and as yet unfinished bridge between structure and function at both a molecular and a cellular level. This is achieved by applying and measuring forces around biological interactions, enabling the detailed real-time analysis of underlying biological mechanisms. LUMICKS’ C-Trap® Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy, allows scientists to analyze complex biological processes in real-time. Similarly, the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer enables the measurement and selection of immune cells based on their real-time interactions with target cells.

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