C-Trap® installed at Emory University in Atlanta

We are happy to announce the installation of a new C-Trap® system with correlated optical tweezers and three-color confocal imaging functionality at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The installed instrument, which is managed by the research group of Prof. Laura Finzi and Dr. David Dunlap, will be used by several departments to investigate processes ranging from DNA transcription to protein folding.

The group of Prof. Finzi has previous experience with single-molecule research tools to investigate transcriptional regulation, including the tethered particle motion technique (TPM), magnetic tweezers, and atomic force microscopy. The C-Trap will support the team’s efforts to evaluate DNA–protein interactions associated with transcriptional processes.

The research groups of Profs. Renhao Li (Pediatrics), Khalid Salaita (Chemistry), Guy Benian (Pathology), and Yonggang Ke (Biomedical engineering) will also use the instrument to investigate, mechano-domains of proteins, molecular force sensors, and DNA origami.

We wish all the teams good luck with their ongoing research, and we look forward to seeing the first results!

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