Recent m-Trap® installation at the University of Liège will unlock new potential in dynamic folding experiments

m-Trap installation at the University of Liège

We are happy to announce the recent installation of the m-Trap® at the University of Liège, Belgium, in the lab of Prof. Dr. Anne-Sophie Duwez. The installed m-Trap will provide her team with ultra-high force resolution and stability for their research in single-molecule mechanical unfolding experiments and the means to better investigate DNA/RNA-protein interactions.

Prof. Duwez has a background in chemistry and nanoscience and has researched methods to interface single small functional molecules and synthetic molecules with atomic force microscopy. Her group’s methods have previously been limited to static measurements but, with the addition of the m-Trap, they can now measure minute dynamic structural changes in DNA/RNA G-quadruplexes and manipulate them in real time. Dr. Damien Sluysmans, a researcher and m-Trap user states:

“We believe that the great force resolution and time stability of the m-Trap will be precious assets for us to depict crucial information about the mechanics and work processes of biological and artificial molecular machines”

We wish Prof. Duwez and her whole team good fortune with their ongoing research and are looking forward to receiving updates from the team!

Ron Eliyahoo

Ron Eliyahoo

16 March 2021May 11th, 2021

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