data analysis

A revolutionary software platform that enables any scientist to instantaneously analyze their dynamic single-molecule science. From raw data to quantitative insights into mechanisms with a couple of clicks

Faster time-to-results

Data analysis is written and maintained

Instant analysis of experiments

Experiment optimization cycles shortened from weeks to same day

Increased reproducibility and reliability

Increased throughput

Anyone in the lab can do it

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No-code data analysis

Output parameters automatically calculated

User-bias minimized

Dynamic single-molecule made accessible for many different backgrounds

Allows you to focus on the science

Explore the process

Manage your data

Visualize your experiments

Optimize your analysis

Automatically generate biological parameters

Get publishable statistics of your experiments

Dynamic single-molecule research has long been recognized for its value in providing clear insights into the molecular mechanisms of biology. However, for a very long time, this realm of science has only been accessible to experts.​

By providing an ecosystem of tools, LUMICKS is making this science available to everyone. Lakeview revolutionizes how dynamic single-molecule data analysis is done and is essential in answering key questions in molecular biology to characterize DNA-binding proteins, including binding kinetics, diffusion characteristics, dynamics, colocalization, and enzymatic mechanisms.

“Now other people in the team don’t have to wait for me to analyze their data”

“If we had this in my previous lab, we would have published at least a year earlier”