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The new Lakeview is here!

Next level single-molecule data analysis

Acquire statistical insights across multiple measurements at the single-molecule level in only a few clicks!

Our successful software platform for easy-to-use dynamic single-molecule analysis now makes it even easier to gain relevant information quickly from large sets of data.

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Global analysis of large datasets

Enables any scientist to analyze multiple measurements in one go

Extract relevant biological parameters and obtain publishable results faster than ever

Maximize the amount of datapoints in your single-molecule statistics

Further reduce time-to-result with reliable and scalable analysis routines

Compatible with our high-throughput biochemistry kits

Optimized user experience and workflow

Over-the-air updates: get the latest version with a few clicks and never miss new features

Quickly access and plot all available data channels and export easily for further analysis

Improved data management

Kymograph track editing: more flexibility in optimizing analysis

And many more user-inspired improvements and features

Anyone in the lab can do it

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No-code data analysis

Output parameters automatically calculated

User-bias minimized

Dynamic single-molecule made accessible for many different backgrounds

Allows you to focus on the science

Dynamic single-molecule research has long been recognized for its value in providing clear insights into the molecular mechanisms of biology. However, for a very long time, this realm of science has only been accessible to experts.​

By providing an ecosystem of tools, LUMICKS is making this science available to everyone. Lakeview revolutionizes how dynamic single-molecule data analysis is done and is essential in answering key questions in molecular biology to characterize DNA-binding proteins, including binding kinetics, diffusion characteristics, dynamics, colocalization, and enzymatic mechanisms.

“Now other people in the team don’t have to wait for me to analyze their data”

“If we had this in my previous lab, we would have published at least a year earlier”

How to get Lakeview

Step 1: Download the software below. Upon installation, you can use the basic version of Lakeview right away to view and organize your C-Trap single-molecule data

Step 2: If you want to use the advanced functions of Lakeview, please inquire for a  license.

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