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LUMICKS’ C-Trap® adopted by 8 teams in 3 multidisciplinary labs in France

Lyon, France by Pedro Szekely /

We are thrilled to announce the recent C-Trap® installation at École Normale Supérieure Lyon, now the first establishment in France to acquire a C-Trap, where it will be utilized by an astonishing 8 teams across 3 departments!

The Physics Department (LPENSL), Cell Biology Department (LBMC), and Plant Biology Department (RDP) have all expanded into single-molecule analysis to grow the scope of their research into the mechanics and mechanisms of individual DNA, cells, and viscoelastic properties of proteins. These lab members also commented that they were greatly motivated to add a robust and flexible optical trap system to their arsenal of AFM and nanopore techniques due to its ease-of-use and utility for their biologist colleagues, specifically the potential to record biochemical reactions and movements of molecules in real-time. 

We’re especially proud of École Normale Supérieure Lyon for their commitment to dedicate 8 weeks per year to demonstrate the technology to other French laboratories, spreading best practices, and contributing to our shared mission of improving human health.

Future C-Trap user and Principal Investigator, Dr. Fabien Montel, is optimistic about the added value he expects from the groups’ new multidisciplinary opportunities stating:

“[The] C-Trap will help us bring together researchers from different fields to work and exchange their practice on the same equipment.” – Dr. Fabien Montel

We wish all three groups using the C-Trap the best of luck with their upcoming projects and are very excited about their upcoming results!

Top banner image (cropped) was licensed by Pedro

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