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C-Trap® installed at Technical University of Munich

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We are happy to announce the recent installation of the C-Trap® at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, in the lab of Prof. Matthias Rief. The installed C-Trap combines optical tweezers with 2-color fluorescence microscopy and will be used by students and postdocs in the Rief lab.

Among other areas, the Rief lab is specifically interested in the conformational changes in proteins and how these properties relate to their functions. An example is the functional conformational changes associated with the folding and unfolding mechanisms of specific nucleotide-binding domains upon substrate binding.

Dr. Katarzyna Tych is a postdoc in the Rief lab. She thinks the C-Trap will be a valuable addition to the group as it provides the simultaneous collection of different types of readouts.

“We will be able to use microfluidics to study function-related dynamics of a single molecule under different experimental conditions. Combined with the power of having a simultaneous mechanical and fluorescent readout, we will be able to uncover previously unexplored details of the conformational cycles of our model proteins.”

We wish Prof. Rief and his whole team good luck with their ongoing research and are excited about their upcoming results!

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