Last week, LUMICKS organized a successful Dynamic Single-Molecule Workshop at our headquarters in Amsterdam. Throughout the workshop, the participants explored different state-of-the-art single-molecule applications and attended various technology presentations and discussion. Also, Prof. Sander Tans (AMOLF) presented his studies with optical tweezers, analyzing a possible direct or indirect role of chaperone proteins in the folding process of larger proteins in cells.

The participants got hands-on experience with the C-Trap™ Optical Tweezers — Fluorescence Microscopy, and performed advanced single-molecule experiments assessing DNA mechanics and DNA-protein interactions. With a little guidance from our application scientists, they were able to capture single DNA strands and visualize the molecules undergo structural transitions in real-time.

We want to express our gratitude to Prof. Tans for his inspiring lecture, and of course many thanks to all scientists who joined us!

Do you want to find out how C-Trap™ can benefit your research? Keep an eye on our workshop page for upcoming workshops at different locations around the world!

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