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Single-Molecule Workshops at the Rockefeller University and LUMICKS Amsterdam

Single-Molecule Workshop

During the end of October, we organized two single-molecule workshops at the Rockefeller University, NY, and our headquarters in Amsterdam. The participants in Amsterdam had the great opportunity to attend an inspiring lecture given by Prof. Mattias Rief (Technical University of Munich), while Dr. Michael Wasserman (Rockefeller University) and Dr. Arne Gennerich (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) gave a talk to the New York workshop participants.

The participants of both workshops gained hands-on experience with the C-Trap®, our optical tweezers-fluorescence microscope, and performed state-of-the-art single-molecule experiments on DNA mechanics and DNA-protein interactions. With a little help of our application scientists, they visualized single DNA strands undergoing several structural transitions in real-time, after capturing the strands themselves using the intuitive software suite. At our headquarters, we showed the power of sound by performing experiments with the AFS™ (Acoustic Force Spectroscopy) on structural dynamics of DNA.

We would like to express our gratitude to Prof. Rief, Dr. Gennerich, Dr. Wasserman, and Dr. Liu for their contributions, and of course many thanks to all the participants for joining us!

Can’t wait to capture DNA strands yourself? More workshops will take place in December! For registration or more information, visit our workshop page.

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