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Who are we?

LUMICKS is the main supplier of instruments for dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity research – a rapidly evolving niche in fundamental biology. Our high-performance instruments can be used to study fundamental disease-causes and have the possibility to optimize future drug development. As a result, our technologies are used by leading institutes, both within the Netherlands (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Leiden University, TUDelft, VU Amsterdam), and across the globe (UC Berkeley, Max-Planck, Rockefeller University and ShanghaiTech).

We are an international team exceeding 80 people with more than 25 nationalities, all working towards the same dream:

To improve human health by unlocking dynamic single-molecule and -cell avidity analyses.

Read the interviews below to get an idea of how our team experiences this.

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Growing together with the company

How Rosalie (Product Manager) switched from science to business

As a Product Manager I can now combine my acquired technical skills with my knowledge and experience as a scientist.

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Why did you join LUMICKS?

After finishing my PhD in biophysics in 2014, I decided to continue my career in the industry, as I wanted to bring my experience to a dynamic company with a higher pace. I joined LUMICKS in the early days of 2015 where together with one of the co-founders we made up the newfound Application Scientist team.


How did you experience your first years?

As an Application Scientist at LUMICKS, I was responsible for reaching out to scientists and PI’s worldwide. Instead of working with one team on your own research topics I suddenly was working with many different people at top tier universities to think along and help with their research. Being exposed to some many different scientists is something I had never experienced before and gave me a much better understanding of all the fascinating work that is being done in the biology and biophysics field.


LUMICKS grew a lot during your time, how did it impact you?

After being an application scientist for 4 years and the company grew a lot, I am now responsible for bridging the market needs with our research and development team as a Product Manager, a role that suits me well as I can combine my acquired technical skills with my knowledge and experience as a scientist. Just like in academia it’s a hardworking and challenging environment. However, when we see each other in the office, or anywhere in the world, you can immediately sense the pride of being part of LUMICKS. And we can surely have a lot of fun together!

Showing the world our technologies

How Jochem (Field Service Engineer) travels around the globe

It’s great to see researchers adopt these technologies, and I’m proud of being a representative for LUMICKS when I’m traveling!

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How did you join LUMICKS?

Through one of my friends I heard of a job opening at LUMICKS, and after a few interviews, I decided it was time for a more adventurous job. That’s when I joined the team. Now that I’m here I’m focused on making sure that the technical specifications for every machine are met individually, and moreover, every customer is satisfied with their brand-new high-tech instrument. The activities range from aligning and fixing laser systems, coding, troubleshooting and creating/performing tests to make sure our products are performing well.


How do you experience the amount of travel?

Overall, I’m traveling around 70% of my time, where 50% consists of installations and support. Those trips take me all over the world where I experience a huge variety of different cultures. In India, for example, I’ve been blessed by an elephant when I was on an installation! The remaining 20% is in The Netherlands where I support our assembling partners with the optimization of our testing and installation processes. When I joined LUMICKS we would schedule a couple of weeks for an install. Nowadays we’re down to a little less than a week.


How is the variation in your job as a whole?

The best part is the combination of all my activities that come together. I usually travel to universities in major landmark cities where I install this cutting-edge technology trying to improve the world a little step at a time. It’s great to see researchers adopt these technologies, and I’m proud of being a representative for LUMICKS when I’m traveling!

Making the leap

How Tiago (Software Engineer) experienced moving to Amsterdam

“There are always some interesting events happening around the city. Maybe in the future I will stop falling in love with the city at every corner, but so far it just keeps happening!”

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How did LUMICKS attract you?

As a software engineer and a self-described science fan, LUMICKS caught my eye immediately. As a company, they’re not only cutting edge on the science side but also on the software side with a very modern stack and list of practices. Coding is my main activity, but also a significant amount of system architecture, code review, sometimes some QA and customer support. Since the software team is flexible, I’m never just stuck doing one thing for a long time.


You moved to Amsterdam for LUMICKS, how was that?

Right after I joined LUMICKS I moved from Brasil to Amsterdam. The best thing about it so far is expanding my world view. To live in such a different culture compared to back home, especially a very global one, is mind-blowing. Amsterdam somehow manages to be a global city while feeling very compact and not too big that it becomes daunting. I bike to work every day, so I always get some exercise instead of getting frustrated in a traffic jam, and there are always some interesting events happening around the city. Maybe in the future I will stop falling in love with the city at every corner, but so far it just keeps happening.


How does it feel to work in such a diverse team?

Working in an international team makes us all aware of how diverse our cultural backgrounds really are. The company culture is very driven to value honesty and clear communication. This also makes our day to day very fun, because we are always hearing about some quirk of this or that country. For example, the Dutch like to eat a slice of bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles. In Brazil, people would look at you like you’re crazy!

Transforming American science with our technologies

How Trey (Application Scientist) sees his achievements working at LUMICKS

I am most proud of the number of trainings, seminars, and conferences we’ve given or attended this year in the US. When I started at LUMICKS it wasn’t common for researchers to know who we are, now we’ve developed a strong network of happy and successful customers!

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Can you tell us about your background and how you met LUMICKS?

I did my undergrad at Clemson University where I majored in Bioengineering and worked in an Orthopedic Biomechanics and Biomaterials lab. After Clemson, I did my Ph.D. at UC Davis in the Cell and Molecular Biophysics lab with Volkmar Heinrich. There I developed a system combining microfluidics and optical tweezers to detect small size changes and kinetics on the surface of optically trapped particles.

I initially met LUMICKS at BPS 2018! I had a poster to present and noticed the similarities between the C-trap and my system when browsing the program. I stopped by the booth and asked if they were hiring. Later that summer I applied for the position and joined that September!


What does an application scientist do at Lumicks?

The application scientist role at LUMICKS is a very multi-faceted position. We often are working both on the business side – finding new leads and meeting with potential clients – and the scientific side – performing new experiments, presenting at conferences, and discussing potential applications. This has allowed me to learn new exciting things about the business side of a small biotech company while still staying actively connected with cutting edge research and the labs performing this work.


What is according to you the true definition of a LUMI?

Someone who makes difficult things happen, supports their teammates,  and gets results but doesn’t forget to have fun along the way!

Inclusion & Diversity

We are committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse work environment for everyone. It is part of our culture and business to respect differences and oppose discrimination against age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, social background, ethnicity, origin, or religion. We believe that our diversity empowers the team with ideas and talents while making us a better company.

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