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Post-doc | London, UK

An ERC funded postdoctoral position is now available in the laboratory of Alessandro Costa. We are looking for a highly motivated researcher to study the mechanism of chromosome replication using in vitro reconstitution and cryo-electron microscopy. The successful candidate will use a range of techniques including biochemistry, structural mass spectrometry, and cryo-electron microscopy to elucidate the mechanism of replisome progression in eukaryotes. Please visit the lab website for more information about this research. The successful candidate will have expertise in mechanistic biochemistry and/or structural biology and a PhD in a relevant area (or be in the final stages of completion).

The advert closing date is March 1, 2019.

Post-doc | Cambridge, UK

AstraZeneca, a global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company, and Prof. David Rueda‘s Single Molecule Imaging Group (Imperial College) have a postdoctoral position available for a joint project on the mechanistic characterization of CRISPR-Cas C2c2 mediated RNA cleavage at the molecular level. This position provides an exciting opportunity for scientists who are hesitating between an academic or industrial post-doc!

The advert closing date is January 20, 2019.

Post-doc | Chicago, IL, USA

The Zhou lab at the University of Illinois Chicago is recruiting a postdoc with experience in single-molecule instruments. Our lab is equipped with an advanced optical-tweezer instrument from LUMICKS. We are interested in a wide range of studies on intrinsically disordered proteins, including binding kinetics, conformations and dynamics under macromolecular crowding, and physical properties of protein droplets formed by liquid-liquid phase separation. To apply, please send CV and names of three references to

Faculty Position Experimental Biophysics | Atlanta, GA, USA

The Department of Physics at Emory University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in experimental biophysics, with the appointment starting in September 2019. They welcome applications from outstanding candidates in all areas of experimental biophysics. Applicants whose research complements and bridges the existing strengths in experimental biophysics in the Department are particularly encouraged to apply.

Reviews of applications will begin Monday, November 1, 2018 and will continue until the position is filled.

Software/Electronic Engineer | Marseille, France

The force microscopy group at Aix Marseille Université is looking for a motivated Software/Electronic Engineer. The successful candidate will develop software to control a high-speed atomic force microscopy coupled to an optical microscope to allow force measurements on living leukocytes. Applicants are expected to have experience in LabView and LabView FPGA for instrumentation control. The lab which is affiliated to Aix Marseille Université, INSERM and CNRS, is an interdisciplinary and international group with members coming from physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology background. The position is available immediately.

Post-doc | New Brunswick, USA

Lee lab at Rutgers University is looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral scholar to work on an ambitious DOE-sponsored bioimaging project regarding multimodal single-molecule imaging on plant cells to study in vivo cell wall synthesis process. The project titled “In planta single-molecule imaging and holographic force spectroscopy to study real-time, multimodal turnover dynamics of polysaccharides and associated carbohydrate metabolites” is expected to begin in end-September 2018. Candidates with PhD in Physics, Biophysics, Bioengineering, or Chemistry and experience in the relevant research areas are welcome to apply.

Post-doc | New Brunswick, USA

Dr. Shishir Chundawat at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Rutgers University, New Brunswick) is seeking applications from qualified individuals for the position of Postdoctoral Fellow/Associate (PDF/PDA) to begin working in his group by early- to mid- Fall 2018. The PDF/PDA will be expected to conduct independent research on engineering, expression and characterization of plant cell polysaccharide synthase relevant enzymes/proteins for a DOE-sponsored bioenergy crops multimodal imaging project. The candidate should have a Ph.D. with expertise in one or more of the following areas: synthetic biology, molecular/plant biology, protein biophysics, structural biology, protein engineering, carbohydrate-active enzymes, chemistry, and/or chemical/biochemical engineering.

Post-doc | Leiden, the Netherlands

Leiden University invites applications for a post-doctoral fellow in the Faculty of Science, at the Mashaghi lab. The postdoctoral fellow will design and perform single-molecule experiments to understand biomolecular folding processes. The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in physics (experimental and/or theoretical) or engineering with a strong publication record. The Mashaghi lab is a part of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR), one of Europe’s premier drug research institutes. The lab is involved in interdisciplinary research at the interface of physics, engineering, and biomedicine.

Please inquire at

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