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Principal Investigator | Suzhou, China

The Institute for Advanced Study of Soochow University (IASSU) is a newly founded research center dedicated to fostering collaborative research between physicists, biologists, medical scientists, engineers, and material scientists. IASSU plans to build a complex matter group working in the areas of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and physical biology and is seeking at least 2 PI’s join the group. Candidates should hold a doctorate degree and have a proven record of high quality research at an international level. They will be expected to lead a research group with students, postdoctoral fellows and research assistant professors.

Post-Doc | Canterbury, United Kingdom

The lab of Professor Chris Toseland, at the University of Kent, will have a Cancer Research UK funded Post-Doc position available. The position is for an engineer and/or biophysicist to develop a novel high throughput tool based on the concept of magnetic tweezers. Candidates should have experience with instrument engineering, since building the tool is part of the position. Contact Prof. Toseland for more information.

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