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Correlating structure to function

Today’s scientific trends are racing towards smaller scales and experimentation that provides both structural and mechanistic insights. To decipher biomolecular mechanisms, you need methods capable of detecting the interactions between biomolecules as they happen and at the single-molecule level.

Whereas single-molecule techniques used to be restricted to the realm of physicists, their application in biological systems has long been proved that can aid the researcher answer the most impactful questions in Molecular Biology. Our instruments have been developed by taking this into account to enable all life scientists use this technology and answer novel scientific questions.

The C-Trap® is the world’s first instrument that allows simultaneous manipulation and visualization of single-molecule interactions in real time. This enables you to study processes at the single-molecule level from multiple angles, providing an unparalleled, broad perspective on biomolecular interactions — quickly and effectively

Multi-user facilities at leading institutions around the world with
C-Trap systems

Answering a wide variety of research questions

DNA/RNA–Protein Interactions

How disease-causing proteins interact with DNA and how drugs affect these processes or block their action? In which way do proteins change DNA architecture? With the C-Trap you can uncover the structure, function, and dynamic interplay between proteins and nucleic acids by looking at their behavior in real time and at the single-molecule level.

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Protein folding and conformational changes

How do proteins fold, and which are the players that cause them to misfold? What are the intermediate states that constitute a proteins’ energy landscape, and how does the ribosome or chaperones modulate it? Perform dynamical studies to investigate a protein’s exact folding mechanisms in real time.

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Cellular Structure and Transport

How do motor proteins transport cellular cargo through filaments? How fast do they move, and what are the parameters that influence their activity? How do single filaments interact with each other, and whatare their mechanical properties? The C-Trap provides you with detailed information about these associated networks and processes at high resolution.

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Protein Droplets and Phase Separation

Similar to the phase separation observed upon mixing vinegar and oil, biomolecules, such as proteins and RNAs, can compartmentalize into membrane-less droplets. Manipulate these dynamic structures with optical tweezers to study how changes the phase of matter of biomolecular condensates may influence cell functions.

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Modularity to serve different needs

With the ever-increasing pressure to produce breakthrough discoveries in the least amount of time, researchers need an instrument that brings unprecedented insights into different biological mechanisms with high precision, accuracy, and reliability fast.

A wide variety of visualization capabilities and precise manipulation

Choose and combine from a variety of imaging methods and different optical trap configurations designed specifically to solve the needs of different experimental designs.

Confocal Fluorescence

Multicolor confocal, perfect for visualizing biological processes in solution.

STED Super Resolution

The perfect choice for performing experiments in highly crowded environments, offering unprecedented resolution (< 35 nm).


Image biomolecular processes with low protein concentration in solution with high acquisition rates.


Suitable for visualization on surfaces as it eliminates background fluorescence outside the focal plane.


IRM allows you to visualize microtubules without the need for fluorescence labeling.

Single (1) Optical Traps

For highly stable surface assays

Dual (2) optical traps

For your typical assay in solution

Quadruple (4) optical traps

Excellent for complex interactions

C-trap Q trap

High-throughput experiment workflow for beginner and expert users

LUMICKS offers accessible, fast, and more reproducible than ever dynamic single-molecule (DSM) research – from sample to publication

The workflow: Fast and reliable experiments for beginner and expert users

We offer accessible, fast, and more reproducible than ever dynamic single-molecule (DSM) research – from sample to publication. Have a look at how we enable this.

1. Experimental design: dedicated training and support from LUMICKS

LUMICKS’ application scientists train users and provide support to translate any biological question into relevant dynamic single-molecule experiments. This includes identifying the goals of the study, preferred type of measurements, and sample specifications.

2. Sample preparation: ready-made samples, kits, and tailored sample preparation services

With our in-house multidisciplinary expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, and dynamic single-molecule analysis, we have created the most extensive selection of ready-made reagents, kits, and tailored services for single-molecule experiments. Visit store.lumicks.com to browse our selection.

3. Assay assembly: loading the sample to result in less than 5 minutes

We developed the C-Trap’s integrated laminar flow microfluidics system to create an easy-to-use high-throughput solution dedicated to single-molecule applications. You can easily move your optical traps between lanes, gather any reagents from one lane to the other, and assemble your experimental constructs through manual movements or by automated scripts.

4. Data collection: unique user interface for each user need

Bluelake is our extensive software suite for the C-Trap system. It is a single package that features intuitive controls for assembling and manipulating your assays and a fully correlated data overview to ensure you can easily monitor the results of your experiment.

5. Straightforward data analysis and experiment automation with Harbor scripting platform

Harbor is a portal where users can effortlessly publish, download, review, and cite scripts related to dynamic single-molecule research. Beginners and experts can join the platform of C-Trap users from all around teh world and enjoy access to data analysis methods that push your experiments forward.

Visit harbor.lumicks.com and access open-source scripts for your experiment today.

The process: Helping you acquire a C-Trap in your image facility or institute

LUMICKS offers the best possible support for your research needs. We team up with you to realize your institutes projects by demonstrating the scientific impact of the C-Trap and generating data for your users.

Creating value and aligning users

Our application scientists constantly travel to present seminars and perform demonstrations to different institutes around the globe. We enable the interest of all potential users by organizing different events, such as seminars, workshops, and demonstrations, and meeting with PIs individually to understand their research needs and design their research proposals.

Furthermore, we are often organizing practical hands-on workshops on Optical Tweezers– Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy technology. In these events, participants explore different state-of-the-art single-molecule applications and perform hands-on experiments to visualize molecular interactions, measure protein activity, and study single-molecule mechanics, in real-time, with a sub-nm and sub-pN resolution. The workshops include “test your own sample” sessions, enabling the user to see their biomolecule of interest in action and often get preliminary data.

Making the most out of the grant application

Throughout our history, we have supported multiple successful grants, varying in the amount of funding and users involved. Our application scientists are experienced in highlighting the unique value of correlated optical tweezers with fluorescence and label-free microscopy, and generating unique preliminary to prove this value.

Lumicks Workshop

How we are committed to your success

Our goal is to minimize your time to results, ensure success, and provide a C-Trap instrument that is easy to use and maintain. To this end we have a dedicated team, proving user training, applications support, and system checkups as part of our collaboration, and dedication to the superior quality of our instrument and support as detailed below.

Operator Training

Operator training

After installation of the new C-Trap, a LUMICKS scientist provides a three-day operator training that enables the users to operate all modes of the instrument and to set up experiments autonomously.

Customer Success Packages

CS packages

We also provide personalized support at later stages, e.g., when new people join the lab. Then, a LUMICKS specialist comes to your lab and gives dedicated training based on your specific needs.

System warranty and remote support

Acquiring a LUMICKS instrument guarantees access to premium expertise with our application specialists and service support. We stand by you to deliver unparalleled performance through the life of your instrument. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in delivering a worry-free system with unlimited software updates and remote support.

System Warranty:

LUMICKS will provide you with our standard full one-year warranty. The system will stay in factory specifications during this time, and include a system service at the end of the year. After the lapse of the warranty, we provide extensions in the form of three different attractive packages to offer our continued support.

Remote Support:

Users can get in contact with our support scientists and engineers via phone or our website for no additional costs. Users will find numerous resources at help.lumicks.com and we will be available to discuss experimental design and data analysis.

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