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New study published in Translational Medicine highlights cell avidity’s power as a functional biomarker for improved CAR-T design in preventing tumor escape

Using cell avidity measurements and traditional immuno-assays, the researchers successfully demonstrated that co-expression of costimulatory receptors along with an FDA approved BCMA and CD19 CAR can improve both durability of potential treatments as well as persistence for common blood cancers.
Kassandra Barbetsea
23 January 2022
Press releases

LUMICKS Announces the Installation of its Quadruple C-Trap® Instrument at Rockefeller University to Expand Fundamental Research of DNA Processes

The C-Trap will support the research of Prof. Michael O’Donnell to investigate the mechanisms of DNA replication. Between O’Donnell and his collaborator Prof Shixin Liu, Rockefeller University will use the C-Trap to unveil the mechanisms of many types of enzymes, such as multi-protein DNA replicating machines of bacteria and eukaryotes.
Kassandra Barbetsea
11 January 2022

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