LUMICKS opens new branch office in Beijing to serve the Asian market

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – August 28, 2021 – LUMICKS is proud to announce the opening of its branch office in Beijing, China. As LUMICKS continues to expand within the rapidly developing life sciences and immuno-oncology market in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR), the new office will allow to better serve the market opportunity, support local customers, and collaborate with regional partners. Besides China, the new office will also run operations in other Asia-Pacific countries, such as Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Australia.

The Asian business has rapidly become a substantial part of LUMICKS’ global revenue in recent years. Purchases by leading institutes, such as Tsinghua University, ShanghaiTech University, and the RIKEN institutes in Tokyo and Osaka, are at the base of this growth. The recent C-Trap® installation at the newly established and high profile Westlake Institute of Advanced Studies in China accentuates the significant advancements of China in the scientific world, and is exemplary for the ground-breaking value of LUMICKS’ technology to measure forces and interactions at the single-molecule level.

“With China as the most prominent potential market for dynamic single-molecule research in Asia and as the global leader in investments in immuno-oncology, it will make a big difference to have a permanent local presence,” said Willem Peutz, Head of Sales and Customer Success at LUMICKS. “Being around the corner from our customers, at leading institutes like Tsinghua University and Peking University, makes Beijing the perfect location to establish our Asia-Pacific hub.”

LUMICKS is thrilled to take this next step towards its goal of improving human health by unlocking the power of dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analyses. “After opening offices in Europe and the United States, this is an important milestone in establishing a global organization for providing fast and outstanding support to our customers. China is a key market for us,” said Olivier Heyning, CEO at LUMICKS.

The office is located in the Beijing Central Business District. It will be the main base for LUMICKS’ recently appointed business director for the APR region, Dr. Frank (Qing) Wang, and his growing team that is already engaging in sales, field service, and new developments in Asia.


LUMICKS is a leading life science tools company that develops equipment for dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis, two rapidly emerging areas in biology research and immuno-oncology.  LUMICKS’ tools allow researchers to build the crucial and as yet unfinished bridge between structure and function at both a molecular and a cellular level. This is achieved by applying and measuring forces around biological interactions, enabling the detailed real-time analysis of underlying biological mechanisms. LUMICKS’ C-Trap® Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy, allows scientists to analyze complex biological processes in real-time. Similarly, the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer enables the measurement and selection of immune cells based on their real-time interactions with target cells.

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