LUMICKS Moves to New Office


After a lot of preparation, painting and moving, LUMICKS is happy to announce that we moved into a new office!  After 3 years of working in several rooms in the Vrije Universteit in Amsterdam, we now have a whole wing in the building. It has plenty of offices, flex spaces, lunch room, meeting spaces and a demonstration room with our instruments. Moreover, we have a ping-pong table and an Italian coffee machine as well as a place to relax after a day of hard work! Evidently enough space for LUMICKS to keep growing!

Today marked the grand opening of our office, with a high-tea for everyone who has helped and supported LUMICKS throughout the years. VU-VUmc director of IXA, Bart Klijsen, cut the ribbon to officially open the new office. This was then celebrated with well-deserved cupcakes and bubbles.

Curious to see our new office? Feel free to stop by to have a cup of coffee and a chat (or a game of ping-pong)!

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