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LUMICKS launches new generation of dynamic single-molecule analysis instruments setting new standards for life-science research.

G2 product line launch

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – February 17, 2018– On February 17 – 21 LUMICKS introduced its new generation of the C-Trap® optical tweezers-fluorescence microscope and AFS™ Acoustic Force Spectroscopy system at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco. The new generation represents an evolution of LUMICKS’ original instruments, which set the benchmark for high-resolution and high-throughput single-molecule analysis, by adding new enabling features, improved performance and automation capabilities. These developments allow biomolecular processes to be studied in real-time with unprecedented detail and ease-of-use, making the novel biophysical insights that can be unlocked by these technologies accessible to biologists across all disciplines.

Enabling Scientists to Produce Groundbreaking Discoveries

Building on the market-leading C-Trap, the second generation model adds a new dimension to the performance for which the optical tweezers-fluorescence microscope is renowned. Featuring unmatched force stability, ultra-fast sensors, precise temperature control, and an entirely new software suite, the C-Trap G2 enables biologists to perform complex experiments with ease and investigate dynamic biological processes that occur at the molecular level with extremely high detail. For the first time, it becomes possible in real-time to sense the smallest biomolecular changes and the rarest and most transient molecular states that are responsible for generating a plethora of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

The new AFS G2 offers intuitive features and improved performance, thereby further increasing the data quality and improving the ease-of- use of the system. New additions, such as the drift correction option, automated stage, and integrated temperature control contribute to a quick experimental workflow for highly-multiplexed force spectroscopy measurements. The unmatched capability of the AFS for manipulating large numbers of biomolecules saves researchers months of time needed to gather statistically relevant single-molecule information.

“We continuously work to produce tools that can and will enable breakthrough discoveries,” says Olivier Heyning, CEO of LUMICKS. “With the G2 product line we have added novel features and capabilities that armor researchers to rewrite biology textbooks and uncover new insights with major impact on human health and drug discovery”

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Lumicks is a privately owned, Netherlands-based company, strategically located in the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam and housed within the VU University Amsterdam. Founded in 2014 as an academic spin-off from the research group of Prof. Gijs Wuite, Prof. Erwin Peterman, and Prof. Iddo Heller at the VU University Amsterdam, LUMICKS has rapidly evolved as the global leader in dynamic single-molecule analysis equipment: an emerging niche in biology research and drug discovery. Its dynamic single-molecule analysis instruments enable researchers to understand and expand the knowledge of complex biological processes occurring at the molecular level that are at the basis of diseases for the prevention and development of future cures.

Contact Information:

Olivier Heyning, CEO

+31 (0) 20 220 0817

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