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A revolutionary software platform that enables any scientist to instantaneously analyze their dynamic single-molecule science

From raw data to quantitative insights into mechanisms with a couple of clicks

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Dynamic single-molecule research has long been recognized for its value in providing clear insights into the molecular mechanisms of biology. However, for a very long time, this realm of science has only been accessible to experts.​

By providing an ecosystem of tools, LUMICKS is making this science available to everyone. Lakeview revolutionizes how dynamic single-molecule data analysis is done and is essential in answering key questions in molecular biology to characterize DNA-binding proteins, including binding kinetics, diffusion characteristics, dynamics, colocalization, and enzymatic mechanisms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Lakeview?

Lakeview enables any scientist to instantaneously analyze their C-Trap data with just a couple of clicks (no scripting expertise required)​ 

How transparent is the analysis?

Lakeview analysis runs on Pylake – which is open source. Furthermore, within Lakeview there are references to the underlying methods 

Does it only work on C-Trap data?

Yes. At the moment confocal kymographs can be analyzed while other confocal fluorescence and force data can be visualized. More analysis and visualization features will be released in the coming period

Can I contribute to future releases?

Absolutely. We love feedback and input. We can never promise anything, but these suggestions are very valuable for prioritizing our roadmap. If you have any feedback or input, please use the form at the bottom of this page

Will Lakeview be a paid software? Does LUMICKS plan to make other software and services paid as well?

We believe Lakeview data analysis will bring a lot of extra value (faster time-to-results and anyone can do it) to our customers. On the other hand, we also believe basics to work with our instruments should be open to everyone. Therefore, Lakeview data viewer, Pylake, Harbor, and Bluelake operating system remain free. Lakeview data analysis will become a paid service (although free during launch period). Since it is not a static product but will be updated and improved continuously, it will become available through a yearly renewable license

How many people can use it per license? Can I install it on my own laptop? What if I re-install Windows on my computer?

With every paid license, Lakeview can be installed on up to 10 machines. Each individual machine is identified by a unique system fingerprint. If a device is reset, the link between license and device has to be renewed via LUMICKS’ support

Will I get automatic updates?

As long as you own an active license, all major and minor updates (fixes, improvements, new features) will be provided free of charge

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