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Keynote speaker webinars

Seminars from world-leading experts

With worldwide efforts to limit movement, we strive to continue delivering scientific content and enabling scientists within the dynamic single-molecule community. That’s why we’ve gathered the newest innovations to arrange thought-provoking and interactive presentations with expert speakers.

Experimental webinars

A full single-molecule experiment from set-up to data analysis in 60 minutes

Labinar | DNA-binding proteins, general introduction

Labinar | DNA-binding proteins, deep dive into Cas9 binding

Labinar | DNA-binding proteins, deep dive into T7 DNA polymerase activity

Labinar | Phase separation

Labinar | Protein folding

Labinar | Cytoskeletal structure and transport

LUMICKS launch webinars

Explore recent LUMICKS launches on new products and developments

Introducing Harbor: The meeting place for dynamic single-molecule scripts

2022 C-Trap Edge and Dymo Launch with invited speaker Prof. Arne Gennerich

Lakeview 2022: New features with Bas Groen & Emma Kerklingh

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