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Keynote speaker webinars

Seminars from world-leading experts

With worldwide efforts to limit movement, we strive to continue delivering scientific content and enabling scientists within the dynamic single-molecule community. That’s why we’ve gathered the newest innovations to arrange thought-provoking and interactive presentations with expert speakers.

Below are our three of our most recent webinars
National Centre of Biotechnology (CNB)

One dimensional diffusion of ParB from parS leads to efficient DNA condensation

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University of Copenhagen

Combining CryoEM and single-molecule approaches: Towards dynamic structural biology

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Chaperoning proteins at the
single-molecule level

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On-demand webinars

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Application webinars

Deep-dive into the applications with LUMICKS scientists

DNA-protein interactions: versatile tools to investigate real-time single-molecule biological processes

Single-molecule detection of multi-domain protein folding & conformational dynamics

Decipher the activity and properties of filaments, motors, and their role in mechanobiology

Investigating lipid membranes and membrane proteins at the single-molecule level

Experimental webinars

A full single-molecule experiment from set-up to data analysis in 60 minutes

In this series, we demonstrate how to use the LUMICKS C-Trap® Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy system for different experiments. With cameras directed at the instrument and the user, along with constant screen captures of the operating system, you will experience the C-Trap workflow step by step and see in detail:

  • How to load your sample into the mircofluidics
  • How to get your construct ready in seconds
  • How to control and measure on your construct
  • How to analyze and interpret your single-molecule data

Available on-demand:

  • Visualization of Cas9 binding to DNA at the single-molecule level
  • Assessment of T7 DNA polymerase activity at the single-molecule level
  • BPS21 | Labinar: DNA–Protein Interactions
  • BPS21 | Labinar: Protein Droplets and Phase Separation
  • BPS21 | Labinar: Protein Folding & Conformational Changes

Harbor scripting webinars

Introducing Harbor: The meeting place for dynamic single-molecule scripts

Welcome to an interactive community of researchers that share and discover the latest open-source scripts, taking your single-molecule studies to the next level. In this webinar, we will introduce Harbor – the new user platform for sharing dynamic single-molecule automation and analysis scripts. We will show you the interface, how you can up- and download scripts, how you can get citations, and introduce the scripts that are ready to be downloaded right away.

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