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New C-Trap® installation at Radboud University to offer insights into chromatin organization

We are thrilled to announce the installation of a C-Trap® at the RIMLS-Science institute, Radboud University, The Netherlands, in the lab of Dr. Jorine Eeftens. The installed C-Trap combines dual-trap optical tweezers with super-resolution confocal microscopy, which will allow the team to perform and visualize single-molecule experiments with unprecedented detail to complement their bulk approaches, such as genomics and proteomics.

They plan to use the C-Trap to uncover the fundamental properties of chromatin organization and its impact on gene expression regulation. Stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy, in combination with the C-Trap optical tweezers, will grant the team the ability to perform experiments in highly crowded environments at super resolution. This will enable them to better probe the processes involved in chromatin organization, such as histone modifications and Polycomb protein recruitment. The new C-Trap will also give them the opportunity to study the physical properties of biomolecular condensates, including the role of phase separation in nuclear compartmentalization. Their work will continue to improve our understanding of the processes involved in chromatin organization and how it can affect health and disease by regulating gene expression.

Dr. Eeftens is confident that the C-Trap will be a valuable addition to her group:

The addition of single-molecule work to the department’s expertise in genomics will be a strong combination to reveal fundamental properties of chromatin organization.

We wish Dr. Eeftens and her whole team the best with their ongoing research and are eagerly awaiting their upcoming results!

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