Use avidity to identify the best NK cell with optimal response

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Use avidity to identify the best NK cell with optimal response

In addition to autologous cellular therapy, allogeneic strategies may facilitate an off-the-shelf solution, including NK cells as a prime example.

In this assay, researchers from Glycostem Therapeutics B.V. compared cell avidity data with cell killing by evaluating NK functionalities from two different donors (donor 1 and donor 2).

NK cells from donor 2 induced 3-fold higher cytotoxicity compared with  NK cells from donor 1 (74% and 24%, respectively). NK cells from donor 2 required higher forces than those from donor 1 to detach from target cells (Figure 1).

The data suggest that cell avidity is a reliable predictor of NK cell function and that cell avidity analyses can be applied to different types of immune cells.

1 Left: Cytotoxic effect of NK cells from donor 1 and donor 2 on the same population of target cells. Right: Avidity curve showing the proportion of target-bound NK cells upon application of a force ramp. (rForce indicates relative force).

Data courtesy of Glycosystem Therapeutics B.V.


z-Movi® High-throughput Label-free Cell Interaction Studies

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