Application Notes

Read our application notes for more in-depth information about our applications of our optical tweezers and acoustic force spectroscopy instruments.

Motor Protein Application Note

High-throughput observation of molecular motor activity & dynamics.


STED Application Note

Optical tweezers combined with STED reveals protein dynamics on densely covered DNA.

DNA Repair Visualization Application Note

Single-molecule visualisation of DNA repair mechanisms and nonhomologous end joining

Protein Unfolding AFS™ Application Note

Acoustic Force Spectroscopy measurements of protein (un)folding at the single-protein level

Filament manipulation and characterization optical tweezers fluorescence microscopy

Filament Manipulation Application Note

Single-molecule visualization and manipulation of polymers and protein filaments.

DNA breathing Application Note

DNA Breathing Application Note

Optical tweezers measurements of DNA conformational dynamics at the single-molecule level.


Protein Unfolding Application Note

Optical tweezers measurements of protein folding/unfolding & conformational dynamics at the single-protein level

DNA-RNA Mechanics

DNA Mechanics Application Note

Real-time visualization of DNA structural transitions under mechanical stress

Cell-Target Interactions Application Note

High-throughput Label-free Cell Interaction Studies.

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