Application Notes

Read our application notes for more in-depth information about our applications of C-Trap™ and AFS™.

Protein Unfolding AFS™ Application Note

Acoustic Force Spectroscopy measurements of protein (un)folding at the single-protein level

DNA breathing Application Note

DNA Breathing Application Note

Optical tweezers measurements of DNA conformational dynamics at the single-molecule level.

Filament manipulation and characterization optical tweezers fluorescence microscopy

Filament Manipulation Application Note

Single-molecule visualization and manipulation of polymers and protein filaments.

DNA-RNA Mechanics

DNA Mechanics Application Note

Real-time visualization of DNA structural transitions under mechanical stress

DNA Repair Visualization Application Note

Single-molecule visualisation of DNA repair mechanisms and nonhomologous end joining


STED Application Note

Optical tweezers combined with STED reveals protein dynamics on densely covered DNA.


Protein Unfolding Application Note

Optical tweezers measurements of protein folding/unfolding & conformational dynamics at the single-protein level