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LUMICKS is looking for a (full-stack) Python developer to maintain and improve our infrastructure for automated testing of our hardware products.

Working in the Operations/Manufacturing team, you maintain and improve our Python-based frameworks for automated hardware testing of our scientific instruments. You oversee the development of automated tests for different hardware modules by other people in the team. As an experienced engineer (medior/senior), you help your colleagues to get their contributions through the code review process, while guarding the quality of the codebase.

Finally, you work with our IT team to set up infrastructure for storing the generated data in a structured way, to facilitate analysis.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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What are my tasks & responsibilities?

  • Maintain and improve our Python-based frameworks for automated hardware testing.
  • Review code for automated tests written by others in the team, including junior Python developers.
  • Own the roadmap for automated testing, and communicate with stakeholders about the planning. This includes coordinating with Product Engineering/R&D about the implementation of test protocols; with Operations/Manufacturing; and with end users of the testing software on the factory floor and in the field.
  • Set up infrastructure and processes for storing the data that is generated by automated testing software, and enable analysis of data across time and across systems.
  • Occasionally give training and support to the manufacturing engineers and field service engineers.

What about my skills & competencies?

  • Experienced Python 3 developer.
  • Experience with basic front-end development (HTML, JavaScript).
  • BSc or MSc degree in a STEM subject, or able to show equivalent professional experience.
  • Affinity with data analysis, statistics, and mathematical modelling.
  • Working experience with the scientific Python ecosystem is a plus, specifically Jupyter Notebook, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, and Pandas.
  • Working experience with (automated) hardware testing is a plus.
  • Enjoy working in an agile team that is passionate about technology.
  • Want to make an excellent product, like to work in a dynamic environment, and have the right getting-things-done mentality to meet occasional demanding deadlines.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.


LUMICKS is a quickly growing academic spin-off from a research group at VU University Amsterdam. We care deeply about providing our users with easy-to-use and reliable software that actively supports Open Data and Reproducible Science. 

Our technologies: LUMICKS brings novel tools for single-molecule biophysics and cell avidity to market, enabling scientific researchers across biology and medicine to unlock new types of experiments. Our leading instrument, the C-Trap®, can be used to “catch” single molecules and expose them to precise mechanical forces. You can, simultaneously, visualize the molecule and the manipulation process with correlated, highly sensitive fluorescence microscopy. Our customers use it to study DNA replication or molecular “engines” processing the scaffolding structures of a human cell. LUMICKS’ systems are currently in use in opinion-leading labs across the globe, including Stanford, Johns Hopkins University, Tsinghua University, NIH, Max Planck Institute, TU Delft, and Imperial College London.

We also provide the z-Movi®, the only instrument that can directly measure the overall binding strengths between cells, known as cell avidity. This new technology, which uses acoustic waves to separate cells, improves the investigation of previously unexplored avenues in basic and translational research. It offers a crucial parameter that highlights key immunotherapeutic properties, e.g., antigen presentation, antibody binding, vaccination, immunological synapses, and cell adhesion.

Why Join?

Autonomy, ownership & responsibility

Be the leader of your own projects, and own them like no other. Whether you’re developing software or business, you are responsible for your work and the direction it goes.

Growth opportunities

With new positions opening up weekly and the company still growing exponentially, there are lots of opportunities to broaden your skill set.

Flat organization & open culture

At LUMICKS engagement is key. We try to align everyone on our dreams and strategies to unlock single-molecule and single-cell research.

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