Lab Technician DSM

Full-Time Position


The DSM (dynamic single-molecule) team at LUMICKS is working on enabling new technologies and possibilities in single-molecule experiments. To achieve this goal, we are developing new workflows, assays, and single-molecule samples, and biochemistry kits that require hands-on lab work within the DSM R&D team. You will work with our workflow application development team to develop and test new samples & assays using molecular biology and advanced single-molecule microscopy technologies.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

What are my tasks & responsibilities?

  • Support on developing new samples and assays by planning and executing experiments, producing reliable and accurate data.
  • Prepare reagents and constructs for the biochemistry kits of the LUMICKS store
  • Perform quality control tests on samples, reagents, and biochemistry products using single-molecule microscopy technologies.
  • Develop protocols and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for reagents and single-molecule samples.
  • Support product assembly and logistics for the reagents and kits of the LUMICKS store.
  • Perform general and administrative laboratory tasks.
  • Support and ensure smooth performance of the DSM team by e.g. coordination of agenda and experiments, and managing and organizing the lab space.
  • Keep up-to-date workflow protocols and application developments by writing detailed documentation of experiments, product preparation, and quality control tests.

What about my skills & competencies?

  • Master-level degree in Life Sciences or Molecular Biology.
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience with molecular biology techniques such as PCR, cell extract preparation, gel electrophoresis, DNA cloning, DNA sequence analysis, and DNA purification.
  • Basic experience in common microscopy techniques such as brightfield and fluorescence microscopy.
  • 2+ years experience in hands-on lab work.
  • Strong communication, organizational and social skills.
  • Hands-on mentality.
  • Excellent team player and ability to work independently.


LUMICKS brings novel tools for single-molecule biophysics and cell avidity to market, enabling scientific researchers across biology and medicine to unlock new types of experiments. Our high-performance instruments are optimal to investigate the fundamental causes of disease and facilitate drug optimization. With our tools, researchers can visualize and quantify the interactions between proteins and DNA in real-time and perform high-throughput screening of molecular and cell-cell interactions using sound waves. 

We offer you the chance to be part of an important mission: To improve human health by unlocking dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis. With the ever-increasing adoption of our technologies by leading institutes from all over the world, including Stanford, Johns Hopkins University, Tsinghua University, NIH, and Imperial College London, LUMICKS is expanding its team.

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